• Gain an insight into the practical solutions that leading vehicle OEMs from Asia, Europe and the USA are utilising to increase energy density, range, lifecycle and safety to accelerate the development of commercially viable mass market electric vehicles


  • Find out what the vehicle OEMs require from their battery supply chain in order to move towards investment in mass production of EV batteries


  • Understand how vehicle manufacturers envision the future supply base for electric vehicles and how your business can fit into that model


  • Hear from the leading vehicle manufacturers what they require next for powertrain development and the potential increase for supply


  • Find out which materials vehicle OEMs are looking to for the next generation of anode, cathode and separator, the increase in demand and the role your business can play in the business model


  • Meet with senior decision makers from the leading vehicle manufacturers from Asia, Europe and the USA and discover the forecast for future demands of lithium and raw materials


  • Hear the latest developments being made with future standards for electric vehicle batteries by the SAE and IEC, the latest research from the vehicle OEMs and how you can help to increase EV battery resistance to crash integrity, lifecycle, safety and abuse


  • Understand the optimal temperature profile required by vehicle OEMs for world-wide integration of electric vehicles, how you can help to achieve this and the role you will play in the future supply


Graham SMith

Graham Smith OBE

Executive Advisor To The President


Jinho Park

Jinho Park

General Manager Battery System Engineering


Jerome Perrin

Jerome Perrin

R&D Director


Ayoul Grouvel

Ayoul Grouvel

Head Of Electric Vehicles

PSA Peugeot Citroen

Uwe Likar

Uwe Likar

Manager Advanced Engineering Planning


Ted Miller

Ted Miller

Senior Manager For Energy Storage Strategy And Research


Chetan Maini

Chetan Maini

Chief Of Technology And Strategy

Mahindra REVA

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson

Head Of Advanced Hybrids

Jaguar Land Rover

Albert Lam

Albert Lam


Detroit Electric

Egil Mollestad

Egil Mollestad



John Muldoon Toyota

John Muldoon

Principal Scientist - Post Li-Ion Battery


Ian Wright

Ian Wright



Bernard Sahut

Bernard Sahut

Innovation Team Manager: Energy Production & Storage Systems

PSA Peugeot Citroen

Robert Galyen

Robert L. Galyen


SAE International Battery Committee


Cutting-Edge Solutions For Cost-Effectively Improving The Energy Density, Lifecycle, Range & Safety Of EV Batteries


As vehicle OEMs from around the world look to roll out mass market EVs and PHEVs, the cost of the battery remains the major obstacle.  In order to incorporate electric vehicles into commercially viable business models, it is necessary not just to reduce their cost, but to cost-effectively increase energy density, lifecycle, range and safety.

The 3rd International EV Battery Tech 2011: Global Cost Reduction Initiative, will be building on the success of the world’s leading EV Battery series for senior decision makers at the vehicle OEMs themselves, to explain the results of the pioneering research conducted in the last year on reducing EV battery cost and improving performance.

Vehicle OEMs from Europe, Asia and the U.S.A will be breaking down real-life solutions at every level of EV battery production and integration.  On Day 1 they will start by providing an update on their 2011 visions for reducing the cost of EV batteries.  They will then provide details of the results from brand new studies into increasing the range of the battery, modelling and extending lifecycle, improving low-temperature performance and optimizing integration into the powertrain. On Day 2, leading vehicle OEMs will explain the advances being made in reducing the cost at the level of the cathode, anode and separator, before examining cutting-edge developments in next generation chemistries.  They will also analyse the latest methodologies and data on improving battery safety and examine second-life business models and battery recycling strategies.

Key solutions provided by Vehicle OEMs at the event will include:
  • Detailing how leading vehicle OEMs from Asia, Europe and the USA are reducing and offsetting the cost of EV batteries and integrating them into commercially viable business models for mass market EVs
  • Understanding the latest developments being made to successfully increase the energy density of EV batteries for enhanced performance
  • Evaluating how vehicle OEMs have successfully optimised the life cycle of the batteries and which technical innovations have quantifiable positive impacts
  • Market leading strategies for extending the range of electric vehicles and understanding the stance of customers towards increased range over a depredation in performance
  • Determining the impact extreme temperature conditions can have on electric vehicles and the progress being made with enhancing low & high temperature performance
  • Examining the success vehicle OEMs have had with cost-effectively integrating the battery system into the vehicle structure and powertrain
  • Evaluating the advances being made in materials for the anode, cathode and separator and the opportunities for lower-costs and better performance
  • Looking into the latest test data and testing methodologies for EV batteries and how to successfully increase the safety and reliability
  • Gaining an insight into the future business models for recycling and second life options for EV batteries to determine who is responsible and how to create a value

Jaguar Land Rover

“A well organised and useful event”


Attended By More OEMs...

than any other electric vehicle battery event, EV Battery Tech has a track record of being the platform where vehicle manufacturers announce for the first time their most in-depth studies on reducing the cost and improving the performance of the battery.

Driven by the vehicle OEMs themselves, this event is where the most senior representatives from the leading vehicle OEMs from Asia, Europe and the USA explain the results of their brand new research into cost-effectively increasing the energy density, life cycle, range and safety of EV batteries.

Speakers at the 3rd International EV Battery Tech will be examining practical solutions for:

Cost: Determining the visions from both vehicle OEMs and battery manufacturers for reducing and offsetting the cost of EV batteries & integrating them into commercially viable business models for mass market EVs

Energy Density: Providing practical solutions for successfully increasing the energy density of EV batteries for enhanced performance

Life Cycle: Determining which technical innovations have successfully optimised the life cycle of EV batteries, how this has been achieved and the latest methodologies for estimating the life of the battery for real world scenarios including driving patterns and climate conditions

Range: Analysing the stance of customers towards increased range over a depredation in performance, the latest success with extending the range of EVs and the outlook for the future

Safety: Examining how safety has been cost-effectively increased at cell and system levels, the latest standards for testing safety, abuse and crash integrity and understanding how the latest results from test data can be utilised to deliver more commercially viable EV battery systems